Walk for Humanity – raising money for Rohingya refugees

Melbourne’s migrant communities have banded together to raise money for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Organised by the local Vietnamese community, the recent Walk for Humanity walkathon generated $20,000 to help the UNHCR bring shelter, clean water and medical supplies to those driven from their homes in Myanmar. (Feature image: Participants at the Walk forContinue reading “Walk for Humanity – raising money for Rohingya refugees”

Triple R Midday News – Monday September 10, 2018

Triple R Midday Bulletin produced at the RMIT City studios. Police have confirmed the deaths of two-year-old twin girls, their three-year-old sister and their mother and grandmother in Western Australia Labor has proposed a new ‘superhighway’ set to cost $15.8 billion. Papua New Guinea is gearing up to introduce an emergency polio vaccination. Written andContinue reading “Triple R Midday News – Monday September 10, 2018”