Four people including three children were killed yesterday when two buses collided near the corner of Ocean Parade and Scenic Highway in Smalltown. Up to 20 people were injured and five others are in a critical condition.

One of the buses involved was a school bus from Kingfisher Primary School in Smalltown returning from an excursion. The other was a national coach service travelling from Sydney to Melbourne.

Eye witness Gerard Hardwind, 42, from Smalltown, said he heard “a huge bang like a bomb going off”.

“It looked like the national bus had slammed head on into the school bus.” He said.

Mr Hardwind said that ‘one of the kids had been thrown clean’ and that he ‘held her hand until the ambulances arrived’. He said there were ‘bodies everywhere’ with the kids looking like ‘rag dolls that had been thrown around.’

Mr Hardwind said that the local councillors “should be bloody jailed” and that “they are so corrupt they have just sat back and done nothing”.

Ms Caroline Primm, headmistress of Smalltown Primary School, said that accident has had a “devastating effect” on everyone with close ties to the school.

“The children had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and to have it end like this it is just too terrible.” she said.

The cause of the collision is unknown at this stage. Police are yet to comment.

*This is a fictional RMIT Journalism exercise. The article does not depict any actual people or events.